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Why Enhanced Digital Solutions Are at the Heart of a Successful Office

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The pandemic has changed a lot for companies, be it the purchasing behavior of their customers or the demand for products.

One of the biggest challenges for many companies was the switch to working from home. In March 2020, companies that had not yet implemented dedicated digital solutions struggled to adapt. Digital transformation accelerated – McKinsey found that companies accelerated its digitization from three to four years.

Digital solutions will be key to the success of our business in the office and beyond. Here we cover some of the key ways you can use digital solutions to boost your business.

Hybrid communication is key

2020 was the year of Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Whether we implemented them in the workplace for remote collaboration or joined a Zoom quiz, video calling epitomized our year. Now that the order to work from home has been lifted, it may be less essential for some businesses, but it is still an invaluable tool.

The many companies that have embraced flexible working will see the value of continuing to use these tools. There’s no better way to mimic in-person sessions than through a video call, and we know this can keep remote employees engaged.

Our sporadic inability to travel for work over the past 18 months has caused many of us to re-evaluate how necessary it is. If your Northeast-based company has clients in London that you used to visit, save valuable resources by hosting online meetings. Instead, book those trips across the country for critical reviews.

Boost performance with visibility

For employees coming into the office, there are ways to use digital solutions to maximize performance. Viewing your company’s goals in Digital signage displays will help motivate your staff. This works especially well if you have large sales or customer service teams in the office working with defined KPIs.

It also gives them an understanding of how their work contributes to the overall goals of the company. And what is more, when employee and company goals are shared with more senior staff members, people are more likely to achieve them. Sharing data in real time on office screens will keep your employees committed to meeting your KPIs and overall company goals.

Combine business and pleasure

The true value of digital solutions during the pandemic was seen in how they allowed us to stay connected. The ability to chat through Microsoft Teams, for example, allowed us to feel close to our colleagues even when we were apart.

Injecting some fun into your solutions is a great way to keep your hybrid workforce engaged. Whether you’re setting up a fun chat in Microsoft Teams where you host quizzes at noon or share personal employee news on a dedicated intranet site, you can foster a great culture wherever your employees are.

Keep systems up-to-date to increase productivity

In addition to implementing new digital solutions, your business has likely upgraded its core systems in the past year as well. If not, maybe now is the time to do it. A Dell survey found Exactly the impact good and bad technology has on your employees, and the results are solid.

Not only can employees achieve 37 percent more in a workday when the technology they trust works well, but for every hour worked, they can save 23 minutes. That works out to 15 hours in a 40-hour workweek, highlighting how essential functional technology is to your workforce.

Outdated systems and hardware can slow down your employees, not only affecting their productivity but also their stress levels. The same study found that bad technology can double employee stress levels, being 30 percent more stressful than singing in public. That says something!

The pandemic and subsequent work from home accelerated business technology adoption in ways we’ve never seen before. This has been a positive side of the last 18 months, as companies have implemented digital solutions. Whether your office is back online or you have embraced a hybrid work model, these are the key areas in which you can improve your business performance through digital solutions.

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Natasha Bougourd is a copywriter with over 7 years of online writing experience and marketing experience. Natasha has written on various topics and her interests include soccer and technology.

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