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Saturday, January 22, 2022

What are the Biggest Lottery Wins in US History?

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The lottery is one of the most exciting games to play, offering millions of dollars of prizes to lucky winners. Considering all you need to enter is a single ticket, it gets a lot of players each week who are hoping to win one of those massive prizes. The Mega Millions is the most popular lottery to play, often offering more than $1 billion in total prize money. Considering tickets only cost $2, it’s certainly worth taking part!

When players are lucky enough to have a winning ticket, they can choose to either claim it in one lump sum or receive the money over thirty years. The second method will mean they pay less tax, but most winners prefer to get the money all in one go. There are federal taxes, and in some cases, state taxes to pay too, and winners will need to be mindful of these when they win.

Over the years, other ways of gambling have emerged, including online sweepstakes casino sites, but the lottery still remains one of the most popular ways to gamble. There have been some huge lottery payouts in the US, but these are some of the biggest:

$590 million Gloria Mackenzie

Gloria Mackenzie of Florida won a $590 million prize in May 2013, making history as the largest jackpot ever won by a single person at the time. She opted for a one-time payout of approximately $370 million after taxes. 

At 84 years old, Gloria was retired at the time and lived in Zephyrhills, Florida. She agreed to split the total winning with her son, although she ended up suing him after claiming he had hired a financial advisor with no prior experience of managing such sums of money. 

$758 million Mavis Wanczyk

When Mavis Wanczyk of Massachusetts won the Powerball jackpot on August 23, 2017, she broke the previous record for the largest single-ticket prize. The 53-year-old called up her boss not long after winning to inform them that she had quit. She had previously worked for thirty-two years at Mercy Medical Centre. 

However, following Wanczyk’s win, many fake social media accounts popped up using her name, claiming she was giving away money in exchange for personal information, according to a local news report from July 2021. The scams persisted for many years later, fooling online users into giving up their personal details. 

$768 million Manual Franco

Manuel Franco, a 24-year-old from Wisconsin, won the $768.4 million Powerball on March 27, 2019. Franco purchased the winning ticket at a Wisconsin Speedway. This jackpot was the third-largest in US history at the time, and Franco told reporters in 2019 that winning “feels like a dream.” According to press sources, he had been trying to save $1000 before winning the $768 million Powerball drawing.

$1.05 billion Detroit Lottery Club

In 2021, a group of lottery enthusiasts managed to scoop this giant jackpot on the Mega Millions. Consisting of four people in total, the group split the money evenly, with each member receiving $557 million after taxes. Their true identities have been kept anonymous due to laws in the state, so not much is known about how they intend to use the money. 

$1.54 billion Anonymous

In 2018, one lucky winner in South Carolina won the record for the single largest lottery win. They opted to remain anonymous, which is hard to blame them considering such an enormous amount of money would definitely attract a lot of attention.

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