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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Ultimate guide to choose transcription software for your business

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Most of the companies understand that there are a lot of things to do to improve marketing effectiveness. Since there are a lot of marketing channels, any company can’t rely just on social media marketing and traditional marketing. The most successful businesses turn to non-popular ways of advertising and get more customers.

One of such measures is related to audio and video transcription. This is very useful for improving SEO, creating captions and foreign subtitles, and even data analysing. However, transcription is very monotonous work, so there are not so many specialists in this sphere.

So when any manager or C-level officer needs to use speech to text software, he doesn’t know what to choose.

We interviewed some specialists from This is a professional transcription service that helps anybody with transcription. They told us a lot about types of transcription software, the main differences between programs. Moreover, they shared expert recommendations to choose the most appropriate transcription software.

Types of Transcription

We were surprised to know that there are 4 types of transcription. It is crucial to know them because they define the software to choose for a certain occasion. So, here are these types:

  1. Verbatim. This is a kind of transcription when you write down literally every word and sound. Moreover, you even have to write down pauses and side sounds (like “Ugh”, “Oh” and the noises from the street). It is very useful when you need to make a transcription of a film or audio book since it represents the whole image of the story. It is also very good for data analysis in marketing since it helps to understand the mood of the potential customer.
  2. Edited transcription. It is very similar to verbatim, but you don’t have to write down the noizes and pauses. You might also miss some sounds like “ugh” when you do an edited transcription. It is very useful for transcribing academic material, podcasts, and conferences.
  3. Intelligent. This is a type of transcription when you have to represent the main points of the speech. Thus, in this type, you don’t need to write down literally every word. This kind of transcription is very good for seminars, lectures, and presentations. 
  4. Phonetic. In this type, you have to write down the transcription of the word itself to represent the correctness of its pronunciation. Mostly this type is used for learning new languages.

According to interviews with Transcriberry professional human transcriptionists, every expert firstly defines the type of transcription needed for a certain file. And then, they choose the most appropriate software for the task.

The Crucial Features of Transcription Software

As soon as the professional transcriptionist understands his task and the type of transcription, he refers to other factors. There are 6 key features that you have to check choosing the transcription service or program.


It is obvious that this factor is fundamental. The better the accuracy, the easier the process, especially in automated audio to text transcription. The accuracy should be very high regardless of the type of transcription since it may affect the key idea of speech. Comparing the software relies on users’ comments about a program since they represent the usage of the software.

And you should understand that there couldn’t be perfect 100% accuracy since there are a lot of accents and reductions in a speech. Nonetheless, depending on the language, there are lists of the best transcription software. So you have to just define the language of an audio or video and choose an appropriate program.

Turnaround time

If you do transcription manually, this factor is not so important. However, nowadays, there are a lot of effective programs that do an automated transcription of high-quality. In this case, turnaround time is very important. The average time of automated transcription of a 1-hour speech is 10 minutes. Some programs need more time, but they can provide higher accuracy. However, most of the software that suggests faster transcription doesn’t provide an accurate result, so you will need to edit a lot.

File Size

An expensive software has no limits in file size and recording length. Thus, if the price means nothing, just choose the most expensive program and get your high-quality transcription. Yet if you can’t spend a fortune on such software, you have to analyze this factor and choose the optimum.

Built-in Editor

It seems that a built-in editor should be in every transcription software since it makes a program better and helps to make transcription faster. However, there are a lot of programs that don’t provide you with such an editor, so you have to copy the text to Word or Google documents and make the necessary edits.

The best built-in editor allows you to change words, indicate the speaker, and set the timestamps. Expensive transcription services even set the timestamps automatically, so the process will be very convenient.


One of the experts from Transcriberry said that most people forget about this factor since they think that a desktop program can’t be insecure. Yet you should think the opposite. If you don’t want your file to be stolen, check the reviews for certain software and analyze the information about the security. It is crucial to have a trustworthy program.

According to interviews, many people turned to Transcriberry because they firstly used manual transcription software individually and got hacked. That is why such people decided to pay for online transcription services and get the guarantee of security and high quality.


Transcription software is very useful for your business, whether it is a marketing company, online education, podcast, or anything else. It helps you to improve SEO ratings and attract more audiences to your material. Moreover, you can cover the audience with disabilities (e.g., deaf people) and foreigners if you add captions to your video or audio.

So use the above-mentioned expert tips to choose the most useful and effective transcription software. And if you don’t want to struggle on this task individually, turn to professional human transcribers. Rely on experts and get the transcription of high-quality.

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