Saturday, October 23, 2021
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Tyra brought out six great costumes in the last few episodes of DWTS

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I am deeply, deeply ashamed of myself. Last time, I COMPLETELY missed the joke that Tyra’s fan-pleated red outfit looks just like the velociraptor showing up in Wayne Knight’s car in Jurassic Park. I was just … I was there, and yet I wasn’t. It’s like putting bumpers on bowling pins and somehow putting a zero anyway.

The dance is getting very thematic now every week, and I can’t tell if that’s because of the ratings, or because it’s season 30 and they think it’s special, or what. But its a lot. And it means Tyra will NOT tone it down AT ALL. People in general can’t really stand her on this show, and I totally understand and agree with some of that; she is, as we have discussed many times, a total hell of a lot, so I have a suspicion that they will throw her overboard after this season and try someone who won’t bring that much. (It’s so much! It’s insane! It’s SO CRAZY.) But I admit I’ll miss that fleeting moment when she steps out and the full extent of her greatness is revealed anew each week.

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