Toyota’s latest fun bodywork is a Supra with a hilarious Underbite

I can hear this photo and it sounds like a moan of pain
photo: Toyota

Designing a car within the limits of crash test regulations is difficult. do a the vehicle looks good while still hiding all those areas of deformation, impact bars and A-pillars that support rollover it is a tall order. Toyota’s design team kicked out of the park with the A90 Supra but I didn’t quite understand when transferring the same look to a NASCAR body shop. For their latest trick, they tried migrating it into a Funny Car shell. And, huh. Hoo boy.

The 2022 season of the NHRA Funny Car will be Toyota’s 21st year in the season and they are marking the occasion by moving away from the Camry design they have used since 2012. In the vacuum, it makes sense: promote your fastest rear-wheel drive sports car with your fast rear-wheel drive drag car. Unfortunately for Toyota, the Funny Cars have a very specific body shape, one that makes the Supra design look like it refuses to take a serious photo at the family reunion.

Supra, hey! We said you get ONE silly! We will keep doing this until we have a nice photo for the Christmas card!
photo: Toyota

Toyota said this updated Funny Car continues its “commitment to racing vehicles that closely resemble production vehicles”. If any Toyota employee thinks this Funny Car closely resembles a production Supra, I will gladly report it to my eye doctor.

In addition to styling, the updated Funny Car includes a number of safety improvements, reinforcing the idea that it is much better to be in this car looking out, rather than out of it looking in. Toyota says the new car has better outward visibility and more headroom around the driver’s helmet. However, they did not mention the psychological safety of people in the immediate vicinity of the car.

For anyone interested in seeing if the new Supra Funny Car is better in person, its first race will be next February at the Auto Club Raceway in Pomona, California. Maybe wear sunglasses. Like it, truly the dark ones.

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