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The Hairy Bikers: Si King’s fight for life

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Si King of the Hairy Bikers nearly lost his life after suffering a terrible brain aneurysm.

The 54-year-old TV chef was home alone watching rugby on TV when “players started falling off the screen.”

If you had already been battling a crippling headache for four days when the terrifying incident happened in 2014.

Si King, half of The Hairy Bikers, suffered a brain aneurysm in 2014 (Credit:

Unbelievably, the father of three was able to call the hospital and book a taxi.

But during the trip, Si had a hard time looking at the light and felt the driver speak loudly.

Hairy Bikers’ Si King: ‘All hell broke loose’

Two years after his ordeal, he said Mirror: “When I got to the hospital all hell broke loose.

“Doctors did a lumbar puncture and found blood in my cerebrospinal fluid.

“At that time they were very concerned, I had to sign a lot of forms to say that I understood that I could do it or not.”

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Doctors diagnosed Si with an aneurysm or, more simply, a hemorrhage in the brain.

Once in surgery, they performed an occlusion. This is when the blood in the artery leading to the aneurysm is redirected elsewhere.

Hairy Bikers' Si King returned to his bike four weeks after a brain aneurysm
The furry biker was back on his motorcycle four weeks after his brush with death (Credit: BBC)

If you were in intensive care for four days. Unbelievably, he was back on his beloved motorcycle in four weeks.

“The consulting surgeon who did my operation told me that I had suffered massive trauma,” he added, during the 2016 interview.

“He said that I had lost 20 percent of myself and that I would not do much. He said I had basically gotten away with it. And my God, I’ve gotten away with it. “

At the time, Si, who will appear at C4’s Sunday Brunch this weekend with his Hairy Bikers co-star Dave Myers, said the only lasting effect was some “changes” in his personality.

But he insisted that only people who knew him incredibly well would have noticed.

Relationship problems

Sadly, two years after his aneurysm, Si also confirmed that he had separated from his wife and mother of his children, Jane.

In an interview with the Daily Mail’s Weekend magazine, Hairy Biker said that fame and work had put too much pressure on her marriage.

Yes King from Hairy Bikers cooks with Dave Myers
Fame put great pressure on Si’s marriage to his wife Jane (Credit: BBC)

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He admitted: “We got lost. Jane focused on family and I on work.

“The reality is that the industry we work in is incredibly brutal.”

We got lost

If he happened to find love with an Australian chef, Michele Cranston.

The couple, who had enjoyed a long-distance relationship between the UK and Australia, even planned to tie the knot this year.

But last month, unconfirmed reports in Mirror He stated that Si and Michele have separated.

  • Catch the furry bikers at brunch on Sunday, 9:30 a.m. M., C4, Sunday October 10, 2021

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