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Tales of the Walking Dead is a refreshing take on zombies

like the original the Walking Dead As the series gears up for its eleventh and final season starting October 2, fans have been inundated with announcements of new and upcoming spin-offs to keep the franchise alive. The most recent is the six-episode anthology series. tales of the walking dead. The most surprising thing about this series, which aired its first season of six episodes on AMC from mid-August to the end of September, is that, unlike others like fear of the walking dead other Walking Dead: World Beyond, you don’t have to watch the original to really appreciate the show and understand what’s going on. These are stand-alone, compartmentalized stories with no continuity or crossovers with the original beyond the dystopian state of the world…and the team behind it.

like the other Living Dead series, the undead roam the streets, seeking to satiate their ravenous appetites for human flesh. But the characters and stories are completely unique not only from the main show, but also from each other. Each episode has its own distinct look, fitting into different genres that will make you laugh, cry, cringe and jump out of your seat. Since there are no connections, you can also watch them in any order.

Multiple genres are explored.

Tales of the Walking Dead Season 1 Comic-Con Trailer

Each episode features a single lead or a pair of leads, each of whom come to a specific revelation about themselves at the end. You will still encounter the usual zombies, gore, and extreme conditions that test your survival skills. But the show goes much deeper and does it in ways that are genre-bending and make tales of the living dead unlike anything else you’ve seen on television before.

the Walking Dead and its initial spin-offs have focused on survival and fighting enemies, both human and undead. On the contrary, some of the episodes of tales of the living dead provide a lighter, more comedic tone that hasn’t been previously explored beyond Glenn’s weird sarcastic joke or Negan’s sarcastic quip. Multiple sub-genres are beautifully woven into each character-driven episode, thus serving as mini-movies.

“Evie/Joe” (buddy sitcom)

Bond Maker Curtis/AMC

The first episode “Evie/Joe” plays like a buddy cop movie, with Joe (Terry Crews) meeting Evie (Olivia Munn) by chance. Despite a violent first encounter and differing views on life, the two reluctantly venture out on a road trip together, belting out country tunes as they drive down the highway to a distant destination.

However, the episode changes tone at the end, as the story takes on a cheesy slasher-horror-movie vibe only to revert to something more akin to a twisted anti-rom-com.

“Blair/Gina” (time loop comedy)

Gina and Blaire together outside in a scene from Tales of the Walking Dead.
Bond Maker Curtis/AMC

Moving on to episode 2, while the underlying situation is dire with Blair (Parker Posey) and Gina (Jillian Bell) in “Blair/Gina,” there are moments that are reminiscent of female-led comedies like Bridesmaids combined with classic cartoons like highway runner. The pair face death over and over again, desperately trying to end a frustrating time loop that always ends in their brutal demise. you’ll get groundhog day satisfies office space vibes with this.

“Dee” (family drama)

Bond Maker Curtis/AMC

Not all episodes inject comedy, though: Episode 3, featuring Alpha’s (Samantha Morton, who originated the role in the main series) backstory called “Dee,” is heartbreaking, devastating, and emotional. It returns to a look, feel and tone that fans of the franchise are used to.

There’s a new perspective on a character fans have come to know and hate, seeing the person she was before when she became the vicious leader of the Whisperers. Yet even without knowing her as Alpha, she’s a compelling mother-daughter story of fractured relationships, class disparity, and mental health.

Amy/Dr. Everett” (nature documentary)

dr  Everett and Amy are outside in a scene from Tales of the Walking Dead.
Bond Maker Curtis/AMC

You will get a very different feeling in the fourth episode, “Amy/Dr. Everett”, following the reclusive Dr. Everett (Anthony Edwards) as he trudges through the wasteland, documenting and researching his findings on “homo mortuus”, his name for walkers. With his jacket made of hiker skin, it’s an episode that initially bills itself as a survival-adventure wildlife documentary.

For him, it is about science and an opportunity to investigate and learn. However, when he meets an effervescent young woman named Amy (Poppy Liu) with a thirst for beauty in life, nature, and human connection, she tests her patience by urging him to question her perspective and make him do it. that really matters.

“Of It” (Psychological Thriller)

Vom hiding behind a wall looking scared around the corner in a scene from Tales of the Walking Dead.
Bond Maker Curtis/AMC

The mood then changes to a terrifying neo-noir/psychological thriller in From that. Suffering a debilitating head injury and having his lower leg amputated, Davon (Jessie T. Usher) can’t remember anything before his accident or shake the hallucinations of him and an undead ghost who keeps calling him a murderer. There are elements of ritual sacrifice, cults, and even political undertones that touch on racial tensions and household mentalities.

“The Lady” (horror)

A young couple covered in blood standing in a house in a scene from Tales of the Walking Dead.

In “The Donut,” the look and feel sticks to scary to closely resemble the style of a traditional horror movie. A young couple, Idalia (Daniella Pineda) and Eric (Danny Ramírez) are trapped in a haunted house of horrors. You’ll get satisfying bumps into the night as the pair are haunted by ghosts and strange, supernatural occurrences, all part of dealing with the moral repercussions of the difficult choices they’ve made to get to this point.

The anthological nature of tales of the walking dead makes this work back and forth. The stories never feel disjointed because each one has its own beginning, middle, and end that wraps things up neatly within an hour. In some cases, this leaves you wanting more. With the Alpha-focused episode “Dee,” fans are curious about the events between Alpha meeting the Whisperers for the first time and taking control of the group. The final episode, “The Donut,” ends in a way that has fans eager to learn more about the mysterious homeowner’s backstory.

Overall, though, each episode ends on a satisfying note. critics agreecalling the unique stories an “interesting” addition to the “well hackneyed”. Living Dead dystopia” and referring to the episodes as “entertaining” and “strange”.

There’s also something for Walking Dead fans

Dee in a dress, a bartender in the background in a scene from Tales of the Walking Dead.
Curtis Bonds Baker/AMC

weather tales of the walking dead will appeal to anyone interested in unique and clever storytelling within the staunch dystopian drama genre Living Dead fans are rewarded with a few tidbits they’ll appreciate too. “Dee” provides a deeper insight into the trauma Lydia endured as a child and some background on Alpha and her life before joining the Whisperers. There’s also a reveal of the origin of The Whisperers and how Alpha came to be a part of them (and how much was at stake before she did).

Another fun Easter egg: Keen-eyed viewers will notice in “Davon” that when the main character holds up a photo of his family, he has a card with “PPP” written on it in his wallet. It’s identical to the one Heath had before he mysteriously disappeared in the Walking Dead. The subtle callback could have a meaning at some point within one (or more) of the many upcoming spin-offs.

What you can expect from Tales of the Walking Dead

Blair leaning against the reception desk, Gina sitting in a scene from Tales of the Walking Dead.

Characters in this series may refer to the walking corpses by their own creative names: homo mortuus, chompers, toe tags, sleepwalkers, and sleepwalker (which translates to sleepwalker). But they’re all the same walkers fans know and fear the Walking Dead universe. As in the original series, zombies aren’t the biggest threats to humans – it’s their own human nature and personal demons that pose the biggest obstacle to survival.

You’ll discover that at the heart of each episode are relationships, from new friendships to romantic relationships that are tested, find closure and say goodbye, explore family bonds and odd couples. An overarching theme is the importance of having people you can trust by your side, especially in a situation like the apocalypse. It is possible to do it alone, but it is much more rewarding to have something or someone to fight for.

tales of the walking dead it’s a wonderful way to honor a franchise that refuses to die. The producers, writers, and showrunners are exploring every conceivable angle, throwing it at the wall and seeing what sticks. This spin-off breathes new life into potentially outdated stories not only by introducing new characters, but also by telling the stories themselves in unformulated, creative and exciting ways.

The best part is that tales of the walking dead is for both veteran fans and those who are completely new to the Walking Dead world.

The six episodes of tales of the walking dead are currently available to stream on AMC+.

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