Stories in Games: Are Video Games Better without Story-Mode?

Stories have always been a part of games. Developers wrote and designed their games based on these stories!

Many people question the idea of video game stories. Since the beginning, stories and games have always had an uneasy marriage. Stories bound the players to follow a certain path, a fixed narrative idea, and begin and end on the same scenes and incidents.

On the other hand, many players are going to be looking for casino bonus in 2022 so start the trend before you get left behind while other gamers stick to their narrative stories games. The game’s story should be crafted according to the needs of players and prevailing conditions, and you need to submit your entire project to some writer’s unpublished work. On the other hand, storytelling can be as important as gameplay and graphics. It gives a plot to the game, and the whole game revolves around that plot.

It means a good story can be part of a game, but it should be creative in nature!

The root cause of all these problems is a dilemma. Can a game developer really tell a story in the game, and do players’ choices actually matter? If the most crucial element of any gameplay is interactivity, then stories will simply destroy the whole purpose of creating a game!

Almost all the games revolve around a fixed axis, typically including famous characters, engaging and powerful dialogues, an interesting setting, and a dramatic conflict.

The question is that, is it worth it? Is it the essence of gaming?

Let us look deeper into the matter and find out!

Approaches to storytelling in games

It is almost impossible to define a Game. There are so many versions, stories, and niches that no one can comprehend the real meaning of gaming. It is a fascinating form of artistic expression.

There are some storytelling techniques involved in developing a game’s story. These techniques are easier to identify and not much difficult to comprehend.

Three are three distinct forms of artistic expression in storytelling that can be easily identified. All are related to how stories interact with the game and keeping a good balance between both.

Using games to tell your story

Telling a story within the game is a priority here. In this genre, games are used as vehicles for storytelling. A good story may trigger the whole gaming project. The game’s narrative totally depends on the story. Story elements are not part of the game but engulf the whole game.

Story-driven games have been popular since the beginning. Interesting stories are used to develop the plot, and every mission follows a similar pattern. These games are often called story games. Best stories are picked, and plots are designed accordingly.

But over the years, as technology improved, games took a sharp turn. The grand theft auto (GTA) series is a fine example of that turn. Along with the development of games, the narrative ambitions of players also developed. The original game contains a minimalistic storyline. But still follows a set pattern when it comes to completing missions. If developers are determined to fully ignore player agency, why do they even bother to tell stories in games?

Using story to enhance your game

The next approach is based on the usage of stories in the game to dig deeper. Stories are used to produce depth in the games.

For example, Subnautica, at its early stages, lacks a deeper storyline. It gained popularity at early stages as well, but that popularity did not demand a new storyline. But we were just enjoying the game as it was. But with the development, the game started to generate stories itself. The very first foray in Submarine was designed for a compelling story.

Furthermore, nobody talks about scripted stories and missions in GTA or Call of Duty game. They are the same for everyone. That is what movies do in a better way.

Unified writing and design

In the third approach, the story and game mechanics seem inseparable. It’s time to discuss the example of Witcher 3.

The first two games of the Witcher series may lie in the first category. But in the third edition, developers did something different. The game is based on the character’s personality and background story. The fiction supports what you can do in the game.

Half-Life and Half-Life 2 were the pioneer games in the niche. The stories of these games were very light. The dialogue choices and plot were also simple, and things were slowly revealed through the depiction of the real world.

Character development through games is only possible when players are considered important. For example, developers respected players’ choices in Walking Dead because they are the most important part of games and the gaming industry.

The Best Video Game Stories

AAA games published by leading digital publishers and international media groups have the best video games stories globally because they have big brains working on the back end and have more budget to make things realistic.

Following are the best story-driven-games;

The Walking Dead

Telltale Games are the first game on the list, and due to their simplicity, much emphasis is put on storytelling than anything else. A good narrative of the game is capable of carrying the title on its back. Players took control of Lee at first, but later installment will see them as walking in the shoes of a young woman. It is an absolute pleasure to see her grow and prosper in the cruel world of the game.

Depression Quest

Depression Quest is an interactive fiction game for PC. It allows you to play as something with depression problems. You are bound to go through a daily routine with the burden of your illness, job, and personal relations and relationship. You can play the game through the web and online streams.

If you are looking to play something different this time, it is a good game for you to try!

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is the third game on the list. It is a fantastic narrative game and the best among adventure games. A player takes much interest in playing a game like this because of its historic origin, good story, and wonderful graphics. The game tells the story of the Vikings’ age. The narrative momentum of the game never breaks during main missions, side quests, and detours through and beyond England.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla contains some of the most iconic characters of the age and gaming history, and the story is told through them.

Neo Cab

Neo Cab is another narrative game. The main character of the game is a cab driver who searches for his friend. As a driver, you talk to the passengers and uncover clues about his friend and try to find your friend with the help of those clues.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher is a popular book and now a Netflix series. The Witcher 3 is the third edition of the game. It is based on the book, so it is also based on narrative storytelling. It takes players to a much dark and sinister world of monsters. Players must navigate through the open world. Geralt, on the way, fights with monsters and completes other quests. The secondary storylines help to build a diverse and richer world for players.


Stories are essential for games. You can develop a game without a storyline, but stories give charm and depth to games. That is why a good storyline can take any game to the next level.

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