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Sunday, December 5, 2021

Spoilers on Emmerdale: next week with new photos

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Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal that Ben watches video footage of Victoria‘drowning’.

But Meena is hot on his heels and won’t give up her secret without a fight: Will Ben be his next victim or will something even more dramatic happen?

Meanwhile, Al lays his cards on the table for Chas, but his brother Cain can’t wait to fight and turns into a kidnapper to prove his point.

All this and more in next week’s Emmerdale spoilers.

1. Meena’s new man – and the new victim?

Her eyes are firmly fixed on a new boyfriend, Meena in love goes out on a date with Billy.

The couple get along well and Billy seems enthusiastic, however things are about to take a turn …

Dawn shows up and Meena is angry while Billy is clearly distracted.

Did he just find his next victim as he struggles to get his claws into another man?

2. Ben discovers Meena

Ben wants to find evidence to clear his name after the disaster, so he heads to the HOP office.

But he ends up finding something much worse when he looks at the survival challenge body camera footage.

Ben is horrified when he sees footage of Victoria’s drowning attempt.

But do you see who is responsible?

3. Meena this?

Ben calls Billy, but Meena is with him and listens to their conversation.

He goes directly to HOP to retrieve the evidence.

He lunges for the camera, but Ben snatches it off him.

He holds it in his hand and runs away, with Meena in pursuit.

Meena chases after her, but slips on the wine Liv spilled earlier.

As he lies lifeless on the floor, what will Ben do in a panic?

4. Do you want Chas to cheat?

Chas is surprised when Al tells her how much he wants her.

They are close to a kiss, but before anything happens they are interrupted …

Marlon walks in and knows what was going to happen.

Threatens Al not to get between Chas and Paddy, but Chas is adamant, Marlon has the wrong idea.

However, Marlon later tells Cain what happened, which turns out to be a big mistake …

5. Cain kidnaps Al

Cain is furious, he doesn’t want Al to try anything else with Chas.

He then jumps Al out of the Woolpack and takes him to a nearby barn.

He intimidates Al and pretends to put a gun in his chest. Al is anxious because it is clear that Cain is serious.

But Chas has found out what’s going on and is about to stop Cain. Will he get there before he goes too far?

6. Liv falls off the wagon

Liv admits that she sabotaged Ben’s chances of getting the job in Cornwall.

Ben and Aaron are furious and Liv is feeling terrible.

Alone and distraught, Liv is tempted by a bottle of vodka.

Knowing it will numb his feelings, he takes a sip and falls off the wagon.

Aaron discovers that she has relapsed and tells her that she is done picking up the pieces.

Liv is desperate, realizing that she has alienated her brother forever.

Want more spoilers from Emmerdale? Entertainment Daily has a dedicated schedule Emmerdale spoiler section to get the correction before the airing of the latest episodes.

Emmerdale usually airs weekdays at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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