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Rob and Katie couldn’t fully commit to performing, so why sign up?

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Strictly Come Dancing 2021 lost another famous contender last night (October 16) when Robert Webb withdrew due to health issues.

Now in no way am I saying that she should have stayed and made the ballroom a priority over her health.

You do it and all that Robert.

But should it really have been registered if there was a chance that it couldn’t fully commit?

I really think you should have sat on this one.

Why? Well, there are a few reasons.

Robert Webb resigned strictly in 2021 due to health concerns this week (Credit: BBC)

It’s the best TV show: celebrities should fully commit to Strictly

It’s strictly one of the most popular shows out there, the BBC’s flagship Saturday night show that brings glitz and glamor until Christmas.

Celebrities are going crazy to participate.

Earlier today, in fact, singer Olly Murs made a request asking the show to let him participate.

If someone of that caliber wants to do the show, and they are perfectly fit and capable and their working hours permitting, the BBC should sign them up.

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Racing tight, while rewarding, is a very old stretch, with long days of dance training placing a great deal of stress on the body.

Not to mention the nerves and adrenaline that must wreak havoc on both the body and the mind.

So why sign up if you’ve recently had open heart surgery?

Surgery that was performed two years ago and was a life-saving necessity.

I’m not a doctor, but I don’t understand how she could have expected to be up to eight hours of rehearsal every day and the strain it would undoubtedly put on her body.

strictly 2021
Gorka put on a brave face when he made an early exit (Credit: BBC)

It is the professionals of Strictly 2021 who make me sad

The lovely Dianne Buswell said she loved being in a relationship with Robert, but wouldn’t she have preferred to dance with someone who could give it her all?

She puts her heart and soul into the show, as do all pros, and I think it’s a shame that she got out early.

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The same goes for Gorka ‘the blocker’ Márquez.

He teamed up with Katie McGlynn who, thanks to her commitments to Hollyoaks, revealed on It Takes Two that she could only train three hours a day.

Why register if you can’t fully commit to the program?

And, if you can’t train, should you really be making the full program salary …?

Most of the other celebrities manage to cram in eight hours of dance practice every day.

The professionals are uprooted from their family homes, and the young child in Gorka’s case, to move to the place where the celebrity lives to make things easier for them.

And still, he could only have three hours.

A girl has to pay her bills, but still.

Poor Gorka has never had a chance to win that Glitter Ball trophy, which is a real shame.

Add rumors of a breakup and it was an early exit from the show for him.

Strictly 2021: it’s time for the BBC to oppose stars signing up

Program professionals deserve better than this.

And, if you ask me, the BBC should employ a stricter selection process to ensure that contestants can commit, in every sense of the word.

It’s time for a shakeup, and I hope the 2022 series attracts celebrities who really want to be a part of this magical show.

Strictly Come Dancing returns on Saturday (October 16) at 7pm on BBC One.

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