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RNC president says immigrants have ‘rainbow fentanyl’ that can be put in ‘Halloween baskets’

Law enforcement started the trend of false stories about police officers overdosing on fentanyl after arresting someone or seizing the drugs from something in the line of duty. Very quickly, science and medical experts pointed out that law enforcement officers who appeared to have been in need of some form of treatment after interacting with a suspect could not have overdosed on the drug simply because they inhaled powder or touched the powder. or fentanyl pills.

The mythology that law enforcement and others built around the potent nature of fentanyl has been strong enough to make many in law enforcement believe they could possibly overdose just touching things with their bare hands. you can’t. But being in law enforcement is stressful and if you’re anxious enough and believe something long enough, you can induce a very intense psychological and physiological panic and/or anxiety attack as a result. That is it most likely happened to the law enforcement personnel whose “overdose” videos during the search and seizures of the drug were. In fact, in many of the cases first reported by police as accidental overdoses due to exposure to opioid narcotics, It turned out that there was no drug exposure at all.

Earlier in September, the world’s weakest House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, told Fox News the completely fabricated story of a California student who reportedly brought fentanyl pills to school that were confiscated by a school counselor. According to McCarthy, the adult touched the pills and in doing so overdosed on the drug. Other than this being impossible, and the fact that it didn’t happen at all, the story McCarthy comes up with is so full of holes that it sounds like something a kindergartener overheard. it’s pathetic

So the student tampered with the pills but didn’t overdose? But the adult did? And doctors make fentanyl pills that you have to roll a patient on the floor with a stick and tell them to stare because if they touch or take the pill, they could die? Right. I understand.

ace media affairs and others noted: There was no report from any “counselor” or from any school where this has occurred. Well, maybe the man whose hair was frozen in carbonite when he sold his soul just didn’t know any better at the time and was told some bad information? Here it is a couple of days later.

human waste.

Cut to Tuesday! Ronna McDaniel is the president of the RNC. She is what the ancient Greek philosophers might call full of shit In his defense, one doesn’t become president of the NCR without being a completely empty vessel for fascist bile. McDaniel made the rounds on Fox News Tuesday to preach the gospel according to the GOP. Those “good news?” We are all gonna die! Remember that debunked story Kevin McCarthy told twice?


Now this poor imaginary adult who overdosed on fentanyl “like candy” is dead? God, that’s terrible. I had barely gotten to know the fictional person a week or so ago, and now they’re gone?! So, “like candy?” What is that about? This clip is amazing as it starts with former President Bill Clinton pointing out exactly what Ronna McDaniel is about to do, and then she does it.

There’s a war on Halloween and it’s because of immigrants! Of course, many illegal drugs cross the borders of our country. This is how most things move through the world, along the imaginary lines that we all create. That said, the Biden administration is reported to have been doing things, like seizing a lot of fentanyl at the borders.

US Border Patrol agents arrested two US citizens and seized 340 packages of fentanyl pills near Gila Bend, Arizona on Wednesday night.


Besides that being silly to say, doesn’t the fact that this has been “seized” mean that the Biden administration is doing everything that gun fetishist Marsha Blackburn wants regarding secure border? Hey, Blackburn, like McDaniel and McCarthy have never made much sense of anything anyway. Perhaps one day whoever pulls their strings will stop and we can put them back in the closet of archaic history.


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