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Republicans just can’t help it. They need to talk about cutting Social Security and Medicare

Take New Hampshire’s candidate for Senate, Don Bolduc, for example. He told a crowd at a public meeting in August that Medicare privatization “is very important,” saying he often talks about how important it is to “reform” Medicare and Medicaid, “get the government out of it, get money out of the government with conditions that.”

Bolduc’s spokesman, Jimmy Thompson, insisted to Politico that since Bolduc made that statement six weeks ago, he has changed his mind and now opposes the privatization of Medicare, as well as Social Security and Medicaid. That’s quite the opposite for the guy who insisted that he always tells people how important it is to “get the government out of this.”

Then there’s Arizona candidate Blake Masters, the guy who keeps wrecking McConnell’s train in that state. In June, he told a candidates’ forum: “We need fresh, innovative thinking. […] Maybe we should privatize Social Security. Private retirement accounts, get the government out of that.” As if Republicans hadn’t been talking about doing that for decades: “new” thinking. A few months later, he called Social Security and Medicare “the Gordian knot” that must be cut for younger generations.

At least he didn’t have his spokesman retract those statements. last month hey reviewed that. Well, he more than checked it out. Hey backwards. “I don’t want to privatize Social Security,” he told azcentral. “I think in context he was talking about something very different.” It’s hard to see how “we should privatize Social Security” can be understood in any other context, but sure.

He really doubled down on this effort to convince us that he really has reformed and would never again think of privatizing these programs or harming them. “We can’t change the system, we can’t pull the rug out from under the old people. I will never, ever support cutting Social Security,” she insisted. Of course, this was also the guy who was “100% pro-life” until he stopped being. He could be lying here.

And in Ohio, JD Vance once he cut his political teeth arguing that “Medicare and Social Security […] are the biggest obstacles to any kind of real fiscal sanity.” Now, he told HuffPost via email, “I don’t support cuts to Social Security.” [sic] or Medicare and they think privatizing Social Security is a bad idea.” sura

If it’s any consolation to McConnell, and probably not because my God, what are these people thinking? The leadership of the Republican Party in the House has joined the car with his “Engagement with America” ​​plan accidentally leaked prematurely on Wednesday.

The platform promises to “save and strengthen Social Security and Medicare,” though it doesn’t elaborate on exactly what that means. But they already solved it, as HuffPost explains. They had a June meeting of Republicans on the Ways and Means Committee where they discussed cutting both coverage and benefits for seniors under the programs. Additionally, the Republican Study Committee has submitted its 2023 budget proposal that massively cuts Social Security.

Just to make sure seniors understand that Republicans really don’t want to help them, the leadership’s new plan attacks the Medicare drug cost-cutting provision in the new Reduce Inflation Act as a “drug procurement scheme.” That “could lead to 135 life-saving treatments and cures.” That’s a very specific number of future drugs that won’t be available. Which suggests they’re just making up shit to try and scare people into thinking saving money. in your recipes is actually a bad thing.

In fact, there is one party in America that has proven ready and willing to do away with Social Security and Medicare as we know them: the Republicans. Under former President George W. Bush, they tried very hard to privatize Social Security. And it failed miserably. But they just can’t leave it, they won’t leave it.

Which means we just have to keep electing more and better Democrats to keep them at bay.

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