Protester with “Coup Plotter” sign rains on Steve Bannon’s propaganda parade

A cheeky spoiled protester Steve bannon ‘On Monday the breezy dismissal of federal charges against him with a large sign widely seen in the national media that reads: “Coup Plotter”.

Activist Bill Christeson slipped into a space window with his sign right behind Donald Trump’s former aide and in front of the cameras.

It was easily read in Bannon’s rant as he was about to surrender to the FBI office in the District of Columbia after being indicted on two counts of outrage in Congress. He was struck by the allegations last week after he overturned a subpoena before the House Select Committee investigating the January 6 uprising on the United States Capitol.

CNN‘S Jim Acosta she noticed the mark in a photo she tweeted of Bannon.

He also did Rachel Maddowthe MSNBC program.

Particularly noteworthy was the fact that Christeson’s Mark also made the video taken for Bannon’s “War Room” podcast. Bannon, who had been a 2016 Trump campaign executive and later a White House strategist, promised: “We are overthrow the Biden regime“And he dismissed the charges against him as” noise. “Then he waved, unaware that the words” Coup Plotter “loomed over his right shoulder.

It is just the latest sign of protest launched by Christeson.

He was photographed behind former President Donald Trump’s short-term campaign manager and criminal, Paul Manafort, with a sign that said “Traitor”; Trump’s longtime ally and criminal Roger Stone (“Dirty Traitor”); and former Trump National Security Advisor and criminal Michael Flynn (“Putin’s puppet?”).

It also haunted Manafort’s campaign partner Rick Gates (“Bloody Money”); campaign adviser George Papadopoulos (“Team Putin”), who admitted lying to the FBI; and Trump confidant and investor Tommaso Barracks (“Traitor”), accused of exerting unlawful pressure on the former president on behalf of the UAE.

It’s hard work, but someone has to do it, Christeson, 67, told HuffPost. It is more difficult than the casual observer might realize.

“It’s complicated. You have to understand where they will be, which entrance they will enter, “explained Christeson.” You have to position yourself where the sign can be easily read next to them and where the media can photograph it. “

The only real problem he’s had so far is a “guy who looked like one of the Proud Boys with Roger Stone, crouched down and pushed his shoulder – hard – into my ribs – twice,” Christeson recalled.

Try to pick a word or two for her signs to hammer home a simple message. “People can’t get your message if they can’t see your message,” he noted.

“I see it as a kind of brand,” added the activist, who is retired after a career working for social services and international human rights organizations. He requested that the location of his home not be disclosed for security reasons.

He is referred to on Twitter as the “sign boy” and often as “Alt Santa” for his snow-white hair and beard. Many, however, know his identity and have tweeted congratulations on Twitter.

One fan said he “screamed” on Monday when he saw Christeson on NBC. “You helped us get through the four years and it’s nice to have you still there to fuel morale, “he tweeted.

Bill Christeson’s other memorable goals.

Screenshot / Twitter / Bill Christeson

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