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Saturday, January 22, 2022

PA TV broadcasts a love song to the shotgun: “My shotgun, my beloved”

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But deep down, they are reliable partners for peace.

“PA TV’s love song at the shotgun – ‘My beloved'”, by Nan Jacques Zilberdik, Look at the Palestinian media, November 12, 2021:

As a cultural feature, the official PA TV broadcast a shotgun love song. Men and women dance to a song praising the shotgun as “my beloved”:

Texts: “My rifle, my beloved
I like to take his trigger apart
It is safe when I bring it …
My rifle is my right arm
I like to disassemble his trigger “

[Official PA TV, Artistic Stories, Nov. 1, 2021]

While fictionalizing and praising guns may seem inappropriate, it has been the norm in the Palestinian Authority for years because it is a key element in the culture of acceptance of terror that the Palestinian Authority has created. Look at the Palestinian media he exposed numerous statements by Palestinians expressing love for the rifle, as well as songs and performances praising it. For instance:

“We treat the rifle like a brother

“My machine gun and my bullets are the way to salvation“…

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