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‘No decency, no shame’: Tucker slams Democrats, media’s politicized hurricane response

Fox News host Tucker Carlson criticized media figures and Democrats who tried to make political points during Hurricane Ian on Wednesday night.

“Hurricane Ian, as we have told you, has crushed the state of Florida, more than a million people do not have electricity. This is a catastrophe. It is a national disaster. People will certainly die from it,” Carlson said. “In circumstances like that, decent people put politics aside for a moment, because they are not demons. They realize that some things, like life and death, are more important than politics. They don’t give political sermons at funerals, for example, but on MSNBC there’s no reason to abide by basic standards of decency. So today, that channel invited former Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill to give a sermon to everyone who lost power in Florida and is facing death, and that message was: ‘Stop complaining about Joe Biden, servants’”. (RELATED: ‘Money is tight’: CBS News reporter says people can’t afford to flee Hurricane Ian)

McCaskill expressed hope that Floridians who “hate the federal government” will remember the relief efforts after the hurricane. Hurricane Ian made landfall Wednesday afternoon, knocking out power and causing extensive damage.


“Can you imagine lecturing people who are cowering in their houses trying not to get killed? No decency. no shame None of them have any shame or decency,” Carlson said before turning his attention to comments CNN’s Don Lemon made on Tuesday. “On CNN, Don Lemon repeatedly tried to link the hurricane to climate change. It is the first hurricane in history. That’s when his guest, Jamie Rhome, shut him up. Because unlike Don Lemon, Jamie Rhome knows what he’s talking about, he’s the Director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. [National] Hurricane Center.

Carlson then called out Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota over comments she made Tuesday morning on MSNBC.

“How can I help the Democratic Party in the midst of a humanitarian disaster? Most people don’t think that way. But Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota certainly does,” Carlson said. “She announced on TV that if we gave her a lot more power, hurricanes wouldn’t happen, because it turns out that Amy Klobuchar and her friends control the weather, only if you vote for them.”

“We called Amy Klobuchar’s office today and asked her to explain specifically how she would have taken control of the weather and prevented Hurricane Ian,” Carlson said. “How would you have done it? Here’s all the power, all the funding, Amy Klobuchar, tell us how you would have stopped the hurricane. Actually, she didn’t reply. She’s always welcome on this show to tell us how she’s in charge of the weather. What do you think you are, are you God or something?

Klobuchar did not immediately respond to a request for comment from the Daily Caller News Foundation.

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