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Necessary conditions to sustain modern human life

“The first in a series of increasingly complex missions, Artemis I will be an uncrewed test flight that will provide a foundation for extending the human presence to the Moon and beyond.”POTAugust 19, 2022

Although we have searched the cosmos for decades, Earth remains the only planet we know can sustain us. Possibly because modern humans have very specific needs that are hard to find in our universe. Here are some things scientists look for when determining if a planet can support modern human life.

Have we discovered bottled water on its surface?

Water is essential for life, but some of us will No drinking filtered tap water from an ancient frozen lake.

Does the environment have stable cell phone reception??

A Must Real-world tests have shown that contemporary Homo sapiens without at least a 3G signal you can survive a few minutes at most. If a planet has reception, it may also contain traces of Wi-Fi.

Is the terrain level enough to drive??

The adage “I can’t live without my car” is biologically sound and is attributed to Charles Darwin. Fortunately, most planets can be home to at least a few hatchback cars and drive-through restaurants. However, parking can be a pain.

Can the planet support houseplants??

This is mainly for the good vibes. But, you have to admit, the plants animate the place. The question then is whether the humans on the planet are able to support plants. Preliminary studies are not encouraging.

Does the planet revolve around a star in such a way that we can complain about daylight saving time??

Light from a nearby star is critical, but apparently so is changing the clocks twice a year on our appliances and complaining about it.

Can we bring dogs??

It is not sustainable for humans if it is not for dogs. Not sustainable for normal humans, anyway. So how cute would dogs be in little space helmets? Answer: a lot, and that’s a scientific fact, like thermodynamics.


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