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Love Is Blind stars Deepti Vempati and Kyle Abrams split

“Love is Blind” stars Kyle Abrams and Deepti Vempati have called it quits.

According to a post shared by Abrams via Instagram on September 19, the two broke up after filming “After the Altar.”

“I understand that many of you are curious as to where Deepti and I are today. Since (the Altar) was filmed, we decided to go our separate ways in early summer,” Abrams wrote in the instagram postt. “Thank you to everyone who has followed our journey through arduous vulnerability and supported us along the way. I have since embarked on a new relationship that I intend to keep private for a while. As for what the future holds, I have no idea. In the future, I plan to live each day in the present without any regrets.”

The two reality stars met on Netflix’s second season capsules of “Love is Blind,” a competition show where contestants meet and talk without being able to see each other. The two eventually got engaged to different contestants.

As of the evening of September 19, Vempati has yet to release a statement regarding the split. However, he did announce the publication of his book “I Choose Myself” exclusively on Amazon paperback and Kindle.

After the initial series, Vempati and Abrams revealed that while connected in the booth, they both felt compelled to pursue different relationships before eventually committing to separate people.

“Viewers can’t see this, but Kyle was actually my number two person in the pods,” Vempati told TODAY in an interview in March. “We talked a lot and had such deep conversations… So I know him as a person like I really do. And yes, we’re pretty close.”

Ultimately, during that second season, Vempati found a kinship with Abhishek “Shake” Chatterjee on the series. Although the two became engaged, they eventually parted ways at the altar, with Vempati sharing that she decided to “choose” herself.

After the show aired, Chatterjee faced significant backlash from fans for his comments about Vempati’s body.

On the other hand, Abrams got engaged to Shaina Hurley, who eventually broke off their engagement before walking down the aisle.

At the end of the “Love Is Blind” season two reunion, Abrams said that not proposing to Vempati was his “biggest regret.”

“My biggest regret is that I should have asked Vempati to marry me. She should have tried harder for you,” Abrams said at the time, “I love her so much. She is the best.”

In the season 2 special “Love Is Blind: After the Altar”, Vempati and Abrams hesitated on whether to turn their relationship into a romantic relationship. They both expressed their fondness for each other as friends, as well as their physical attraction to each other. Still, they explained, there was hesitation in risking disengagement to enhance their friendship.

Speaking about their dynamic, Vempati labeled it a relationship that wasn’t quite a friendship and described it as more of a “situation.” Both expressed concern about the consequences of becoming romantic partners instead of friends who see each other almost daily.

“I want to be around (Kyle) all the time,” Vempati explained in one episode. However, at the end of the three-part special, the two decided to take the plunge and get engaged.

After the meeting, which was broadcast on September 16, fans celebrated the couple. Now on Instagram, Abrams’ post has seen fans express their disappointment at the news.

“They remain friends?” A user commented on the post.

“I wish you both the best, but ugh,” replied another.

“Oh man, I was rooting for you two!” expressed another fan of the couple.


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