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Kris Jenner praises ‘cheerleader’ Khloe Kardashian

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Kris Jenner has praised her “cheerleader” daughter, Khloe Kardashian.

Kris jenner

Kris jenner

The 65-year-old mom loves the way the Good American founder is always there to support her siblings and praised the star, who has a three-year-old daughter, True, with Tristan Thompson, for her “selfless attitude. “.

She gushed on Instagram: “I just wanted to give a love and thank you post to my beautiful daughter, Khloé, for being the most amazing, uplifting, joyful, positive and amazing cheerleader I have ever seen!

“No matter what it is, she is there with kind, encouraging, positive words that really make me happy all day. Just listening to her talk about whatever siblings she’s cheering for.

“I can’t describe how consistent this is on a regular basis and what kind of an incredibly loving and compassionate human being she is.”

“Or how disinterested she is and how excited she seems with every positive word. It is almost as if his goal every day is that each of his family members (and there are many of us) feel the best we can feel and that we are living the best life possible regardless of the circumstances of that day. ” .

Kris admires the way Khloe sheds a “bright light” on her siblings’ efforts and thinks the former ‘X Factor’ host “outdid herself” with the way she supported Kim Kardashian West with her debut. as a host on ‘Saturday Night Live’ over the weekend. .

She continued, “She really outdid herself this past weekend by supporting all of us, but especially her sister Kim, as Kim focused on her performance on ‘SNL.’

“Khloé was the main cheerleader front and center every day, being there for her sister, constantly making sure she was okay and after her performance she screamed louder, congratulated her with the most beautiful words, talked about Kim’s performance all the way home from New York. And even today she keeps talking about how proud she is of Kim! (sic) “

Kris ended her touching post by stating how much she loves her 37-year-old daughter.

She added: “I am very proud of Khloé.

“She is one of the most delightful human beings I have ever met … beautiful inside and out, funny, uplifting, passionate, positive, generous beyond words, encouraging, wonderful !! I love you Khloé more I will never know you! “

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