Jaguars Finally End 20-Game Losing Run: Can Trevor Lawrence Help Jacksonville to Further Successes?

Finally, the long-awaited victory that fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars had been hoping for has now happened, albeit it occurred thousands of miles away in London as they defeated the Miami Dolphins 23-20 thanks to a 53-yard field goal from Matthew Wright.

There had been a great deal of optimism about just what the Jaguars could achieve in 2021, and that was pretty much entirely down to the capture of first-round draft pick Trevor Lawrence. It would be fair to say that any optimism has long since dissipated. 

Last season the Jaguars managed a woeful 1-15 record, with that win coming in the first week, and as such, have gone 20 games without a win prior to this weekend. Odds on the Jaguars achieving anything can be found on, though it’s hard to know just what Urban Meyer’s side can do with what’s left in the current campaign. 

The Jaguars 1-5 record may look decent in comparison to last season, but clearly, one single win isn’t enough to reverse the trend. Of the win Meyer opined;

“I really enjoyed that locker room after the game; I think I enjoyed that more than the actual game.”

And perhaps therein lies the problem. When a win is so rare and the celebrations so joyous, there are obviously larger issues at play. Far too much is expected of rookie quarterback Lawrence, which was always going to be the case, and the 22-year-old had some sober words to say after the victory.

“I wasn’t a part of the other 15 [losses], but I was a part of the first five here. We hate losing. It’s been tough. We’ve had some games that you feel like could have gone our way and didn’t.

“So to get a win and especially in that fashion, I mean, it’s just crazy, so it feels good.”

So what could Jacksonville manage in the remainder of the 2021 season? It’s clear they won’t be partaking in the postseason, and that isn’t all that surprising. The Jaguars have only made it through to the playoffs once in the past 13 seasons and last year’s record was the worst in their history.

Those who are looking to bet on the Jaguars may want to consider them in the win total spread, which stands at 3.5 (+115), which seems doable as there is at least one more game this season than usual. 

The fact that this momentous win happened overseas and that the Jaguars now have a bye week probably isn’t great for their momentum. They must now wait two weeks before they travel to Seattle in their next encounter, though that may be a game they can win given the Seahawks 2-4 record thus far.

Back-to-back wins may seem like the mother of all mountains, but Lawrence and Meyer must set goals that are worthwhile, and maybe this is a good, realistic place to start. 

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