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Ido Fishman talks about easy training practices to do at home

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It has been ingrained in our brains for years that to maintain a healthy body, we need to eat clean and exercise. Many of us are unable to follow such a healthy routine due to interruptions in daily life.

Most of the time, eating clean isn’t as much of a problem as getting proper exercise. This can be attributed to the misconception that exercising requires going to the gym and doing extreme workouts. These ideologies prevent us from following healthy lifestyles because going to the gym can take time that many people don’t have.

Gyojin says limiting your workouts to the gym has a negative impact on your motivation. So instead of concentrating on making time to hit the gym and do intense cardio sets, you can exercise at home. Ido Fishman shares a few different types of training practices that can keep things interesting for you while moving your body at the same time.

Top Home Training Practices by Ido Fishman

Pilates / Yoga

One of the calmest and most recommended exercises to do at home is the Pilates and yoga variations. These exercises help people to strengthen and lengthen their muscles. The slow but repetitive steps you have to do with these workouts increase resistance in different parts of the body. These are also great to do when you’re feeling lazy. In fact, you can do a lot of pilates movements while lying in bed! Doesn’t that sound convenient? The important thing to remember is to maintain a connection between your mind and muscles when doing Pilates or yoga movements. This is because unlike cardio, where speed is prioritized, these workouts require you to feel the burn in every muscle you are using.

Ido Fishman says that the first few sets of these exercises may seem pointless at first. However, you will soon begin to feel pain in the muscles that were used in a particular exercise.

Treadmill / jump rope

However, these may not be freely available to everyone, as treadmills are expensive and many apartments carry jumping noises to their neighbors. However, if you have either of these two at home, take advantage of them. If you find the treadmill boring, put on a movie, an audiobook, or songs to keep up your spirits. The fun of jumping rope needs no explanation. However, Ido Fishman cautions that if you haven’t jumped or done any intense cardio in a while, then you should be gentle on the jump rope. You don’t want to risk injury if your body isn’t ready.

Shadow boxing

This is also another great way to exercise your body with almost no equipment. Shadowboxing, as the name implies, is boxing with a shadow. There are many YouTube videos you can follow that provide free home workouts for boxing, kickboxing, taekwondo, etc. Ido Fishman emphasizes that the main thing is to make workouts a fun experience for yourself if you lose motivation easily.

Walking lung

This is the easiest exercise you can do at home. You can also make it a fun run if you have kids at home. Walking on the lung is exactly what its name suggests. You walk forward in deep strides. Doing regular lunges can get boring after a while. So you can visit the rooms of your family members or walk around the house doing the lung walk and you will have done a great workout.

Final thoughts

Gyojin He says that to stay motivated to exercise, you shouldn’t limit yourself to anything. This means that if you worked out at night once a day, you don’t have to wait until the next night to do your workout. You can do it when you feel like it. It is also important that you keep changing your training routines because your body can quickly get used to them and they stop having the same effect. So, follow these Ido Fishman Home Workout Guides if fitness is your thing.

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