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Saturday, January 22, 2022

How Online Bingo Operators are Attracting Male Players

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Bingo is so often incorrectly seen as a game that’s only for middle-aged women, yet online bingo operators learned long ago that the real demographic is much broader. Not only are online bingo players likely to be Millennials or other age groups, but they could just as easily be male as female. 

It is only in recent years that sites have actively targeted male online bingo players. From advertising and cross-selling to game design,  here are a few ways operators attract male players to online bingo. 

How Online Bingo Operators are Attracting Male Players

Game Themes

Marketing can only go so far if the core product isn’t right for the target audience. Software providers have been paying attention to the need for more male-oriented or unisex bingo rooms and games and have delivered. Bingo titles based on game shows such as Deal or No Deal and games involving cards or reels, such as Slingo games are a newer type of betting bingo games that are equally popular with both sexes. 

Traditionally masculine themes such as Westerns, gladiators, action, and adventure have started to become more prevalent in bingo and Slingo games, creating more options for male players who may not want to play in the more cutesy bingo rooms. Slingo Showdown combines slots, bingo, and poker for an exciting twist, and the Wild West theme helps distinguish it from more traditionally feminine games.


The perception of bingo as a women’s game was perpetuated in countless adverts for bingo showing either groups of women or one woman enjoying some solo leisure time playing online bingo. If men were present, they were usually there to provide eye candy in a role reversal of typical gambling advertising.

More firms are starting to reposition online bingo as something men want to be part of. Now, the men featured in the adverts are also enjoying bingo either as part of a group or independently. When the adverts are shown also has an impact. One of the best time slots for TV advertising is during the ad breaks of a major soap or sitcom, many of which are seen as traditionally ‘female viewing’. But international bookmakers have started to advertise bingo with their other products, such as sports betting and online casinos, during sporting events to reach a wider and more diverse audience. 


Cross-selling is a key business tactic across most industries, selling a customer a product that they may not have necessarily been looking for. One way to do this is through advertising. Another is by creating promotions that tie together a familiar product with the one you are trying to sell.

Promotions on bingo that could result in a free sports bet, or free spins for slots, is another tactic in encouraging casino or sports bettors to play online bingo. The hope is that once a player has played online bingo and enjoyed it, they will return and continue to visit the site no matter what kind of betting they are in the mood for. 

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