From The Red Carpet To The Green Felt: Five Of Hollywood’s Best Poker Players

Casinos house a variety of table games, from blackjack, to roulette, to slots. Every game has its strategies and nuances that make them unique to their own form of gambling. Each of them are popular for a variety of reasons, and often with a different demographic.

For example, slots are games of patience, and a way to get immersed in a particular theme. Blackjack is all about odds and watching the person ahead of you. It’s a dance between the dealer and the table. Rapid, double ball, and mini ball roulette are all different packages for a game of intuition and odds. Poker is about bluffing, and calling others’ bluffs, in order to win regardless of what you’ve been dealt. In recent years, these favorites have been transformed into online versions, such as on the Paddy Power Bingo website, where players can try these forms of entertainment without going to a land-based casino.

However, there are many people who still choose to go to play games such as poker in person, where bluffing face-to-face is a different experience. Those people include many celebrities. Who better to bluff, build personas, and read others than the stars who do it for a living?

Below is our list of the top five celebrity poker players to grace the green felt and clash hands with some of the best poker players the world has to offer.

Ray Romano

The “Everybody Loves Raymond” star is known as the lovable father and bonehead husband, but when he’s not on our TV screens, he might be at the Texas Hold ‘Em table. Although he won’t be raking in the 3.9 billion the show garnered in the early 2000s, he’s a force to be reckoned with who’s used to playing more quickly than what the World Series of Poker is known for.

Tobey Maguire

The early 2000s web-slinger has more than just a Spidey sense when it comes to poker as he loves the game. Maguire gained some notoriety after he allegedly ran a high-stakes poker ring where another celebrity on this list made an appearance. The league gained enough infamy that the poker crime drama “Molly’s Game” was loosely based around the events that transpired there.

Jason Alexander

It’s hard to believe that someone capable of playing the eccentric and oftentimes hopeless George from Seinfeld could keep cool at a poker table, but Jason Alexander seems to make it work. While not being able to match the per-episode Seinfeld paycheck of $600, it’s impressive nonetheless that Alexander was able to snag a total winning of nearly $31,000 according to  

Ben Affleck

Along with Matt Damon, Ben Affleck has been seen multiple times with his “Good Will Hunting” buddy at high-stakes games. The two were also part of the Tobey Maguire poker ring that shed a light on the gambling tendencies of more than a couple of stars that like to get their hands in the chips. Affleck goes on to dwarf Alexander’s winning with one performance at a 2004 No-Limit Hold ‘Em Championship that netted him just over $356,000. Compare that to the rumored 2001 poker hand that Damon lost which ended up losing him $400,000 – ouch.

Jennifer Tilly

While the Canadian actress certainly made he mark with the horror franchise Chucky and an Academy Award nomination for best supporting actress in “Bullets Over Broadway,” one could argue she’s done even more in poker being a WSOP Ladies’ event bracelet winner and taking home over one million dollars. At this point, it would seem Tilly is known for her journey to poker, but who’s to say she can’t make another big performance off of the poker green? We’ll be looking forward to it.

If we didn’t list someone you think should be on the list, please be sure to let us know!

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