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FDA makes it easier for harm reduction groups to buy life-saving naloxone

If you’re using flaw detection on the iPhone 14, invest in a good phone stand.

Motorcycle owner Douglas Sonders has a warning on jalopnik Today about the new iPhone 14 troubleshooting feature. You were riding your LiveWire One motorcycle down the West Side Highway at about 60 mph when you hit a pothole, causing your iPhone 14 Pro Max to fly off the handlebar mount. Shortly after, his girlfriend and his parents received text messages that he had been in a horrible accident, causing several hours of panic. The phone even called the police, all because he fell off the handlebars. All thanks to accident detection.

riding a motorcycle is very dangerous, and the last thing anyone needs is to think that their loved one had a horrible accident when they didn’t. This is obviously an extreme case, but it does make me wonder what other kinds of false positives we’re seeing as more phones adopt this technology.


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