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Fans suspected Hoda Kotb had big news about the third adoption

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It is well known that mom of two and Today is the show anchor Hoda kotb She is going through the process of a third adoption to expand her family again. Kotb, who is committed to love for a long time. Joel schiffman, has been open about the struggles the couple have encountered during their journey to join their family caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. A recent photo Kotb shared of her two daughters made fans think there was good news for the beloved host, but she was quick to correct these assumptions.

nach Today is the show Star Hoda Kotb confirmed last year that she and her fiancé Joel Schiffman had started the process of adopting a third child, fans have been waiting with great anticipation for an announcement regarding the new arrival.

Does Hoda Kotb share great news through his daughters?

Kotb recently shared a photo of his two daughters, Haley and Hope, enjoying a day on the farm. Eagle-eyed fans soon noticed that the adorable couple, ages 4 and 2 respectively, were wearing matching tees. The message on the shirts soon made people aware that Kotb had exciting news to share.

Both girls wore large white T-shirts with an adorable picture of a girl with the phrase “elder sister” written in a children’s font. Kotb innocently captioned the post: “What a great Sunday at the farm.” To some fans it seemed like an obvious clue of what was to come for him. Today star.

“I see two older sister t-shirts …”, wrote a fan next to a thinking emoji. Another excitedly chimed in, “Hoda! The girls are adorable and they both have ‘I’m the big sister’ t-shirts, “before adding,” enchanted by you and your family. ”

Another asked, “When is the newcomer?” Some even delved deeper and began to analyze Kotb’s own appearance, and one person noticed the anchor collar. “Maybe that’s what the M is for ??? The name of the new baby … ????? they asked.

The photos that started the rumor

No news yet on the adoption front

Unfortunately for these excited fans, Kotb hadn’t actually been hinting at a new arrival. She was questioned about the photo. by Kay Adams from People (the TV show!) about the photo and about his new podcast Making room with Hoda Kotb. “What are you trying to tell us, Hoda?” Adams asked.

Kotb, laughing, replied: “Nothing! I’m just trying to tell you that I bought two t-shirts on Amazon, okay? That’s what I’m trying to tell you! “She insisted that” the t-shirts were not a sign “of any news about the adoption.

“You should see how I buy, okay, you would be embarrassed,” he explained. “I buy everything on Amazon, I just hit ‘get two’ so I got two. I was like, ‘Oh, they both say big sister. It’s okay! ‘”On the subject of adoption again, Kotb was philosophical. “If it comes, it comes. So we wait patiently, “he revealed.

Adoptions are normally a slow process, and with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic still affecting so many aspects of life, it has become even slower. At least Hoda Kotb has her two adorable and lovable daughters to make her days brighter.

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