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Enterprise asset management is not keeping pace with pandemic changes

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A new report from the IT management specialist Flexera looks at how organizations have adapted their technology to meet the demands of the pandemic.

It reveals information technology asset management (ITAM) trends related to the responsibilities and challenges introduced by the increased use of new IT environments such as software as a service (SaaS), cloud and containers.

Among the findings are that despite a change in work patterns, only 28 percent of software asset management teams track and optimize the use of public cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS). – a number that has not changed in the past year. Additionally, only 34 percent of SAM teams track SaaS usage, a slight decrease from 35 percent last year.

However, ITAM is considered a critical and strategic function in the company, with 22 percent of ITAM teams reporting to the CIO or CTO. ITAM teams also interact directly with many other functional areas of the organization, including infrastructure (54 percent of respondents) and IT service management (54 percent).

“We have identified that many ITAM practices are still prioritizing compliance-related efforts to avoid future audits,” says Jim Ryan, president and CEO of Flexera. “This is certainly understandable and makes sense tactically, however, these efforts fail to advance tools and processes that incorporate new technologies and environments. An ELA that involves distributed licensing across data centers, public, private, and multi-cloud, all full of containers, it is difficult enough to manage. Inevitably, the methods we are using today to monitor and manage hybrid usage will quickly become insufficient. ITAM teams must shift their focus from avoiding audits and penalties and evolve to adapt to environments Hybrid IT Complexes and New Technologies Being Adopted “.

the full report it is available on the Flexera site.

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