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Comic Chris D’Elia hit with temporary restraining order


Embarked comedian Chris D’Elia has received a temporary restraining order from a woman accusing him of threatening to post intimate adult videos of her and threatening to kill her.

The order, granted Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, was based on unlawful violence, a credible threat of violence or harassment, according to court documents obtained Thursday by the Los Angeles Times.

D’Elia, 42, whose career came crashing down in 2020 when multiple women accused him of sexual misconduct, was banned from contacting Caroline Schmitz, 34, of Los Angeles, as well as threatening to contact her, either directly. or indirectly, harassing her. , intimidate or attack her, and was ordered to stay 100 yards away from Schmitz, her home, her work and her vehicle.

But the comedian’s attorney, Andrew Brettler, insists that D’Elia never met Schmitz and that his accusations are libelous.

“These allegations are as fantastic as they are libelous,” Brettler said in a statement to The Times on Friday. “Chris has never met this person. But over the past year, she has sent him increasingly disturbing text and audio messages, including threats against him and his family. If anyone is going to get a restraining order here, it’s going to be Chris.”

TMZ reported Thursday that Schmitz allegedly sent the comedian threatening text and audio messages earlier this year, and reposted some of the messages D’Elia said he sent her via Instagram.

According to the civil harassment restraining order application, Schmitz alleged that she and the “You” and “The Good Doctor” actor initially met in 2017 after he viewed some of her comedy content online and the located in the club where he worked. She said they began a sexual relationship over the course of several months.

Schmitz said that in May 2022 he contacted her again through OnlyFans, a subscription-based online platform that allows the creation and sale of adult content, and threatened to “post intimate videos that I had created for him on the platform,” as well as screenshots of her OnlyFans posts, if she didn’t leave Los Angeles.

Schmitz believed the messages were from D’Elia because she “recognized his writing style” and was “scared” by comments he made that led her to believe he was monitoring her and her online activity. She also said that she believed that D’Elia hacked into her phone or ordered someone else to do so.

“I’m scared of [D’Elia]. I’m scared [D’Elia] will continue to do things to exercise sexual control over me. I’m terrified that [D’Elia] will post the videos and cause me more harm,” he wrote in the request.

D’Elia was ordered to remove or destroy any intimate or private images, video or audio recordings of Schmitz “whether genuine or artificially created,” and was prohibited from sharing them, according to the order.

You have also been prohibited from accessing Schmitz’s electronic devices or online accounts, “including but not limited to email accounts, social media accounts, apps or your accounts, records of any communication, smartphones, computers, tablets or any other device or account that requires a password.” The warrant includes devices and accounts that Schmitz had previously authorized D’Elia to access or for which he knows or knew the password.

The temporary order will remain in effect until October 1. 19, when a hearing was scheduled in Los Angeles Superior Court.



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