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Brassic star Michelle Keegan reveals diet secrets and admits that ‘food is life’

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Brassic star Michelle Keegan has revealed her daily diet, and what she eats might be a bit of a shock.

The actress and her husband Mark Wright are well known for being enthusiastic gym bunnies.

Which is fine considering what Michelle has revealed she eats.

Michelle Keegan with husband Mark Wright (Credit: SplashNews)

What did Brassic star Michelle Keegan say about her diet?

Michelle told Ed Gamble and James Acaster Off the menu podcast: “I’m a huge foodie. Food for me is life.

“From the moment I wake up until I go to bed, I think about my food. The first thought for me when I wake up? Cup of tea. Cookies! “

She says her dietary habits are due to where she came from.

Michelle said: “For us Northerners, it’s tea and cookies in the morning; you have like a rich tea or a pastry cream.”

And it’s not just the candy that Michelle loves.

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She also throws herself into the diet book out the window when it comes to savoring snacks.

“It’s fantastic. It wakes up my palate and then I opt for the savor option. Let’s always start with the sweet, then move on to the salty.”

Michelle added: “I’m pretty bad at snacking late at night, so I’m actually pretty full from the night before, if I’m honest.

“Most of the time it is something quite salty like French fries or a piece of ham with toast.”

Actress Michelle said she also loves French fries, curry sauce, and mayonnaise.

Earlier this year, she told Women’s Health magazine that Women’s Health magazine was going for the goal podcast: “If I want a cheese board one night, I’ll have it, without feeling guilty.”

Michelle Keegan
Glamorous Michelle (Credit

How does Michelle Keegan stay in shape?

Michelle spends a lot of time staying in shape, which isn’t surprising since former TOWIE star Mark is a fitness fanatic with his own app called TrainWright.

She says she spends 45 minutes doing a HITT workout and is known for her toned abs.

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Michelle also trains with weights and does resistance training.

He also shared with his 4.8 million Instagram followers how he got involved in cycling, before confessing that it was a hobby that lasted only three weeks.

Michelle, 34, says she has a healthier attitude to exercise than she did three years ago.

“I’d be in the gym for two hours because I was like, ‘I’ve really been bad this week, so I need to go to the gym, I need to work,’ he admitted.

What is Michelle working on right now?

Michelle left Our Girl because she felt her character Georgie’s story was complete.

But thankfully she’s back on our screens in a new Brassic series, in which she plays single mom Erin.

The comedy is in its third season with Joe Gilgun returning as Vinnie.

Fans will pick up where season two left off, and will remember that Vinnie is released from prison.

You can catch Michelle Keegan in Brassic tonight (Oct 14) on Sky Max, tonight at 10pm, and it’s also available on Now TV.

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