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Saturday, January 22, 2022

Bartiromo di Fox accused of calling the attorney general for the elections

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Maria Bartiromo

Former Attorney General Bill Barr says the Fox Business Network host Maria Bartiromo He called it “screaming” about fictional election fraud, according to a new book “Betrayal” by ABC chief correspondent from Washington Jon Karl, reports Brian Stelter by CNN Business.

Stelter writes, “Karl said he contacted Bartiromo for an answer because, ‘after all, it is highly inappropriate for a reporter to call the Attorney General and ask him to do something about a criminal investigation.’

“‘Bartiromo did not respond,’ wrote Karl, ‘but a Fox News spokesperson replied and denied Barr’s account of the conversation on Bartiromo’s behalf.”

“Through the Fox spokesperson, Bartiromo claimed Barr was the aggressive one, yelling and cursing during the call. Fox reiterated the same claim Sunday in response to a CNN Business investigation.”

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