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Bake Off star Paul Hollywood called Maggie ‘rude’ for ‘hurtful’ joke

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Great British Bake Off star Paul Hollywood was called “rude” last night (October 12) for his comments to contestant Maggie.

The baking wannabe had a disastrous night, with all three of her challenges going very, very bad.

However, while he certainly deserved to get out of the show, viewers said he didn’t deserve the “rude” comments thrown at him by the judge from the blue-eyed baking show.

Paul Hollywood was criticized for his behavior towards Maggie on Bake Off last night (Credit: Channel 4)

What did Paul say to Maggie, judge for Bake Off?

The comment came during the spectacular bake, in which Maggie’s cake fell apart and fell apart, and her raspberry coulis spilled everywhere.

The dessert was also supposed to have two items, and Paul pointed out that Maggie only had one.

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Regarding the trial, he joked: “What have you been doing for four and a half hours?”

Maggie took the comment in a good mood and explained that she had ended up making her dessert twice after it went wrong the first time.

However, GBBO viewers commented that they could see the “pain in Maggie’s eyes” from Paul’s comments.

bake maggie
Maggie was sent home, but viewers said she didn’t deserve Paul’s comments (Credit: Channel 4)

How did the viewers react?

Maggie’s fans flocked to Twitter, with many pointing out that Paul had been “rude” to her.

“Paul is a bit rude when he talks to Maggie,” said one.

“So rude to her,” agreed another.

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“What have you been doing for four and a half hours? AY! “Said a third.

“If Paul told me ‘what have you been doing for four and a half hours?’ I would have thrown that jelly sponge in his face,” commented another.

“Sorry, but there is no need to speak to any of the contestants the way Paul spoke to Maggie. He knew exactly what he had done. It’s so rude, ”declared another.

“What gives him or anyone else the right to speak to another human being in that way?” asked another indignant onlooker.

“I don’t like the way Paul Hollywood talks to Maggie on GBBO,” stated another. “You can see the pain on his face #toomean.”

What did Maggie say?

Friendly as always, Maggie thanked the judges for their comments.

This morning (October 13) he posted on Instagram that Bake Off had been a “once in a lifetime experience”.

What did you think of last night’s show and Paul’s comments? Tell us in our Facebook page @EntertainmentDailyFix.

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