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After Matt Hancock kisses his assistant, what is the appeal of the men in power?

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After Matt Hancock was caught on CCTV kissing a senior aide, what is the appeal of politicians and men in power?

“He’s not the first and he won’t be the last,” Alex Mellor-Brook, co-founder of Select Personal Introductions exclusively told Entertainment Daily.

“Women are drawn to confidence. Most of the time, women are attracted to self-confident men and sometimes they can even be narcissistic.

“Confidence and power and essentially being the alpha male is what draws people in,” he added.

In fact, a single glance at the history books shows that, sadly, it is a tale as old as time.

After Matt Hancock is caught kissing his assistant, what is the appeal of the men in power? (Credit: Splash News)

So what is the appeal of Matt Hancock?

Chris Jones from dating advice experts told us: “Matt has been caught with his pants down, but is it that surprising?

“What is surprising is that a man who has been an advocate for social distancing and ensuring that the British public adhere to the rules of social distancing has been caught in the middle of being a hypocrite of the very policies he was trying to enforce and all for the sake of your own pleasure and gain.

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“The hypocrisy of the situation is staggering.

“What can be said, however, is that illicit affairs and encounters are an integral part of people’s lives, typically when they are in positions of power, status or wealth.

“In the case of Matt Hancock, he is in the public eye and, although he is not Brad Pitt, he has an important authority and status that attracts many women.

“A man helping to govern our country during a global pandemic, which is not how some may say,” he added.

Matt Hancock's Aide: What's the appeal of MPs?
Matt apologized for breaking social distancing rules with Gina (Credit: Splash News)

Matt Hancock’s assistant scandal: ‘Women are hardwired to seek out men who have resources’

Life Coach Laura Connor de Lau of Attraction Life Coaching agrees.

She said: “The parliamentarians are in an elite position, they are in charge of the country.

“It’s an empowering position for anyone and since women are hardwired to look for resourceful men, could you find a more resourceful man?”

Laura further explained: “The primordial nature of women causes us to seek out the alpha male, someone with resources to support us when we are vulnerable to having children.

“Even if we are not procreating with the men we are dating, these deep-seated and subconscious behaviors are hard to get rid of.”

So, do extramarital affairs with parliamentarians always last?

“Very rarely,” Laura told us.

“One of the problems with dating a long-term person who cheated on his ex with you is that if he cheated on her, why wouldn’t he cheat on you too?

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“The birth of your relationship brings anxiety, insecurity and mistrust. Your partner has shown his true nature before your relationship has started and it is a massive red flag. “

She added: “I hope they fire him! He has shown that he is not only a liar of low morale, but that he has also abused his power and position.

“You have hired your lover or you have crossed professional boundaries!

“In a pandemic, I would wonder how you found time for an adventure. It is clear that he has not been serving the country as he should, nor is he a man of substance who should be in that position. “

Matt Hancock kissing
Will Matt Hancock be forgiven by his wife and the public? (Credit: Splash News)

So will your career rebound?

Despite Hancock’s apology, our experts have mixed opinions on the matter.

Laura told us: “I hope not, but unfortunately it seems that there is no retaliation these days for politicians, they seem untouchable, which needs to be rectified.”

Chris, meanwhile, has a different opinion.

He said, “Will your relationship last? Will it be forgiven by the public? Will he be able to continue in his privileged position?

“In my honest opinion, I think the answer is no to most of these questions, but only time will tell.

“Matt Hancock will hope to be a meme today and forgotten tomorrow. But the British public never forgets it. “

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